Understand your content at scale  

Semantex understands the meaning and structure of your content and documents to intelligently uncover insights, outliers, variations, and duplicates.

Content Intelligence for your documents

Semantex provides Content Intelligence as a service that enables you to assess a single block of text, a document, or even your entire document or content corpus over time. Powered by AI, ML, and NLP and accessible via APIs, Semantex is trained on enterprise content so it understands the context and meaning of your content whether it’s a legal clause, disclosure, policy, contract, or correspondence to ensure accurate results.

Content comparison

Identify near duplicates and outliers based on textual understanding.

Semantic search

Find content based on meaning, not just keywords.

Multi / cross-lingual

Detect language, analyze English, Spanish and French content and compare content similarity across languages.

Extensible content enrichment

Pinpoint optimization opportunities for reading levels, sentiment, spelling and grammar and more, including extending to your 3rd party NLP.

The Solution

Whether you need to assess a single block of text, a document, or even your entire document corpus, Semantex has you covered. 

Content AI

Assess individual content components to support compliance, consistency, quality and identify similar and duplicate content. 



Document Parsing

Parse documents into content components (i.e. paragraphs, address blocks, headers, footers, bulleted sections, etc.) to prepare for analysis and transformation.


Content Hub

Maintain your content within Semantex for ongoing analysis of its make-up. Leverage both syntactic and semantic comparisons to identify duplicates and similarities at scale and apply content enrichment analyses to improve the quality of your content.

Transform your content with AI

Semantex can be used to support one-time projects such as a content clean-up or migration initiative, or it can be used on an ongoing basis to provide critical insights into the content in your document and communications libraries.

Digital transformation & migration of content to next-gen platforms

Rationalizing legacy document and communications libraries

Standardizing content for improved regulatory compliance and control

Improving and streamlining content discovery operations such as contract
and clause reviews

Content optimization initiatives for better customer experiences


Semantex powers MARCIE, Messagepoint’s Advanced Rationalization and Content Intelligence Engine. It is the underlying technology behind Rationalizer, Messagepoint’s AI-powered content migration solution that supports the processes of ingesting content from legacy formats, analyzing it for clean-up, consolidating duplicate content objects, and readying it for migration into a modern content management environment. MARCIE is also embedded in Messagepoint’s intelligent content hub for CCM, providing Assisted Authoring for reading level detection, sentiment analysis, and duplicate content detection.

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