Learn about the pricing options available for Semantex.

Content AI

The content APIs are geared towards the processing of atomic blocks of text content. The APIs provide a rich set of functionality covering core text processing, AI-based classification, natural language processing, syntactic and semantic similarity etc., across multiple languages.

Processing Unit

Per individual text-based content component up to 200 words in length


Up to 1000 calls per day 


$0.001 / processing unit

Document Parsing

The document APIs facilitate working with a single PDF and/or Word document directly, allowing for intelligent content extraction and creation of multi-dimensional document and content metadata.

Processing Unit

Per document, charged in 5 page increments. For example, 2 documents each with 3 pages are 2 processing units. 1 document with 8 pages is 2 processing units.


Up to 10 documents


$0.005 -$0.05 / processing unit

Content Hub

The Content Hub APIs allow for working with a set of documents as an atomic group. Multiple documents of different formats can be added to a single hub application, making it possible to perform search, discovery, and analysis for every content piece across all documents. A single hub application can be made durable for a desired amount of time, over which deep analysis and reporting can be done.

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