Messagepoint Introduces Headless CCM Capabilities to Support Highly Personalized Digital Experiences

TORONTO, May 31, 2022 Messagepoint announced today the availability of new headless customer communications management (headless CCM) capabilities to support dynamic digital experiences with highly personalized content delivered via RESTful APIs.

In regulated industries, such as financial services, insurance and healthcare, that have historically relied heavily on composed printed customer communications, many digital experiences today consist of downloading static PDFs from emails or web portals. Consumers, particularly the digital-native Generations Y and Z, demand more dynamic experiences that are designed for the mobile devices they prefer. Those kinds of experiences require highly personalized content to be efficiently delivered in near real-time. It is also critical that the presentation of that content is appropriate and suited to the application and channel the consumer is using.

Messagepoint’s cloud-based CCM platform supports organizations in regulated industries in the end-to-end process of authoring, managing, producing and orchestrating customer communications containing personal variable data across all channels. Messagepoint’s new headless CCM capabilities take advantage of the platform’s unique modular content management model to dynamically curate and deliver relevant, personalized content components to modern digital endpoints in response to API calls. Content components are typically bite-sized pieces of targeted content (in contrast to a full PDF document) that make it easy to present the precise information a customer is looking for when and where they need it. These new features leverage Messagepoint’s advanced content management and customer data capabilities to go beyond simple targeting by pushing personalized content out to digital endpoints using HTML or code-light JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) formats. Using JSON, the presentation is typically determined at the digital destination, for instance, by the mobile application. By leveraging these personalized content components and the native capabilities of the mobile application, chatbots, websites and more, developers are empowered to build richer, more effective digital experiences.

By centrally managing the content that spans both traditional composed print and email communications and new school digital experiences in Messagepoint’s intelligent content hub, organizations can significantly streamline content management processes and avoid redundant content operations across channels. When content needs to be edited, users make the change once in Messagepoint and the update appears instantly across all the relevant touchpoints and channels, ensuring both consistency and compliance. This centralization also enables consistent levels of personalization in customer experiences and reduces regulatory compliance risk due to channels being out of sync.

Messagepoint also provides a highly scalable, fault-tolerant, secure production environment to ensure both performance and protection for sensitive customer information.

Messagepoint’s new headless CCM capabilities are generally available.